Implementation support

Implementation support: efficiently reaching goals

Do you have clear goals and need professional assistance with implementation?
This is where SANEON’s implementation support comes into play.

We expertly support our customers in these areas and projects:

  • Functional safety
  • Safety of the intended functionality (SOTIF)
  • Cybersecurity
  • System engineering
  • Software engineering / software development / software design
  • Process optimization / process management
    (introduction of Automotive SPICE®)
  • Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL)
  • Project management
  • Strategy and product management
  • Training and coaching on the job

Our implementation support also includes coaching, reviews and services requested by customers, such as:

  • Support of implementation measures to address the shortcomings identified in GAP analyses
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Safety analyses
  • Evaluations and documentation in the form of audits or assessments to show that the GAP analysis findings were successfully addressed

Other topics: