At the time of your application, you were living in Dubai. ​
Why did you apply to SANEON in Germany and what was your application process look like?​

It has always been a passion of mine to work in Germany, a global leader in the automotive industry and the premium cars’ production hub.​
The application process was pretty easy and direct.

According to you, what is the most important criteria for accepting a job?

According to me, the most important criteria for accepting a job would be the alignment of the company’s vision with my goals, values, passion and an environment for constant learning & development.

What, so far, are the biggest differences between the working culture in a small company in Germany you’ve observed compared to your previous experience?​ What do you make of them?

So far it has been an enriching experience with daily learning, growth and progressing challenges.​

Working in a mid-level growing company with the un-paralleled expertise has been affirming a stable career growth and developing my expertise as an individual and building a strong team to achieve the company’s long-term goals and aspirations.

You bring a lot of experience to SANEON –​ what are your activities and how do you enrich the team?

Now I’m involved mainly in safety projects, daily safety meetings with clients and suppliers, updating trackers, providing process improvement solutions for other suppliers. I believe in teamwork and strong decision-making to benefit the company’s goals and achieve greater synergy.

Complete the sentences…
On a day without SANEON…​

…I would work towards developing my German language skills and spending quality time with my family.​

The first thing I show my family in Germany is…​

…the beautiful landscape, the gorgeous neighbour-hood, historic sites etc.​

With a suitcase full of money…​

…wow, then I would definitely buy a beautiful villa in Munich, Germany.​

For the next SANEON Team Event…​

… I would like to connect with more experts in the field.

Nice to have you at SANEON, Krishnendhu, and thank you very much for your support!