As a working student, what has been the best work experience you had until now?

As I started understanding the research projects I’m involved in more and more, I was given the opportunity to not only work on technical details, but also provide my broader perspective and represent the company in meetings with project partners. I feel like my input on different aspects of the projects is valued, and I constantly receive opportunities to challenge myself, learn new things, and expand my knowledge and skillset, which is just tremendous as a working student.

How are you able to balance work and university? Would you recommend your position to others? If yes, how?

Honestly, not always perfectly: sometimes there’s full-time university projects that leave little energy for anything else, and other times work projects need a lot of attention. But you can’t change that – what matters is how you deal with it. And at SANEON, it has never been a problem. I have the flexibility to structure my work around changing university demands, enabling me to focus fully on what I’m doing at a given time.
I would 100% recommend my position as it’s perfect for anyone looking to apply and extend their skillset in a highly supportive environment.

You have been a real support for SANEON. Are you still able to stand your office-colleagues, constantly asking you to help them with any type of IT-related Issues?

Helping coworkers is one of the most satisfying aspects of IT – since they are quite competent, most of the time they only need very little input to solve their problems. At SANEON, collaboration is highly valued, especially since we’re a small company. Being part of the “SANEON family” feels not just like a hollow expression but is something that transpires in every interaction here.

Do you have any hobby other than job-related interests?

Having an informatics background, a solid proportion of the activities that I do in my free time relate a lot to work and university: I love working on personal software projects that solve interesting problems, and I love coming up with technological solutions to issues. When I’m not doing that or spending time with friends and family, I go to the climbing gym or attend games at the sports stadium. I am also known to spend way too much time trying to create perfect Spotify playlists.

Thank you, Julius, for always bringing light, joy and support to our office!