Today “Meet SANEON” is all about our colleague Arnold Engoue!
Arnold joined the family back in 2018 and is part of our exceptional team in Paris! Let´s see what he has to tell us!

What is the aspect that attracted you the most of SANEON? / What brought you to SANEON?

The first aspect was that SANEON is an international company.
I have been the first to join SANEON France and given that SANEON is an international company and the CEO of SANEON is from my country.
I also like to work with German people and SANEON was all these things.

Was there any particular moment you enjoyed the most within your work environment?

I used to practice soccer. This is something we organize regularly once a week with my colleagues from the customer project.
Every Wednesday we meet and play soccer together. This is something I really like, because I have the possibility to share my passion with others and spend some quality time for bonding.

Also, I am very excited about the project I have been working on since my joining of SANEON in 2018: “Smart Brake”. This project basically relies on system implementation for future electrical vehicles.
This is a really specific and challenging project, since a strong knowledge in functional safety as well as all the related technical aspects are required. So, pure R&D development.

My project-colleagues are great. I have known them since before my official joining at SANEON, as I already worked as a student in 2017 with them. So, I was able to develop professionally within the same environment and with the same people. This made it all even more exciting. Given its pure R&D development background.

Are there specific topics you would like to work on at SANEON in the future?

For sure.
The projects I like the most are R&D related. So, pure R&D at system, hardware and software level.

I also find it interesting to have customers located abroad, where I have the possibility to work remotely from France as well as occasionally fly over to meet the customer in person.

Thank you, Arnold, for your hard work and support!!