Meet SANEON today wants to celebrate our colleague Amine Bouchghel from SANEON France!
Amine joined exactly one month ago as a Senior Consultant and already means a lot to our big family!
Let’s get to know him better together!

What brought you to choose SANEON?

It’s a long story actually.
I was invited to a SANEON event, where I was able to meet the CEO Silvain and other colleagues from the French office in Paris.

The day after this karaoke party I had an official meeting, where I discussed in detail all the development opportunities at SANEON.
And it turned out to correspond exactly to my career development wishes.

So, I joined SANEON mainly for three reasons:

Firstly, because of the very friendly working environment. Secondly, the developed projects with high added value in the field of safety and thirdly the technical level of the team, which is made up by experts in the field

What kind of knowledge and experience are you bringing to SANEON?

I was able to work with a variety of stakeholders in the automotive field and focused especially on the safety activities development according to ISO 26262 series of standards and to ISO/PAS 21488 SOTIF, which are the core of many of our projects at SANEON.

I am also really happy to have found many other colleagues with such a deep understanding of specific technical aspects in such a small and friendly environment.

What do you like to do during your free time?

Well, I have a top three.

I like to train, and I therefore regularly play football in an amateur club in Paris.
But I also enjoy going to the movies, especially to watch French films.
Or I just play online videogames with my friends.

Are excited about future SANEON events?

Of course!!

I really enjoyed all of the SANEON events until now, like the karaoke party, the go-karting, bowling and the laser game with the colleagues in Paris.

For what I have seen on social media, there have been a lot of interesting events both in France and Germany.
So, I can’t wait to participate in the next “SANEON Worldwide” event with the two offices!

Let´s play a game!
Would you rather…

… drink coffee or tea?

Tea! Never been a coffee lover.

… travel to Asia or South America?

South America!
I’d like to get to know their culture better.

… watch a movie or go to the gym?

I’d definitely go to the gym!